Tallis Salamatian

Entrepreneur, Author, Leader

Tallis started his first company in 2004 and since then has earned an MBA from Clark University’s Graduate School of Business, participated in more than a dozen ventures and taught a class at the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business. He has poured his experience into his first book, The Savvy Entrepreneur’s Business Handbook.

15+ Years of Business Experience

I started my first company in 2004 and since then have helped over a dozen ventures in a variety of different ways. I’ve founded ventures, been brought on as a seasoned executive, provided strategic advice and mentored teams of founders. Here are a few ventures I’ve been involved with, past and present. 

This book is designed to be everything you need to start your first or next business! 

I recommend getting one of the print versions. While ebooks are convenient, the images and tables are more vivid in the print version. This is due to the very small image file size ebook format requires.  

The Savvy Entrepreneur's Business Handbook

A strategic guide to fundraising, networking, market-fit and more

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